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MARCH 22 – 29: We’ve chartered the beautiful Wind Surf motor yacht for our Outlook 2014 conference. Our first ever charter, the Wind Surf has intimate accommodations for 300 guests. There will be seven days of stimulating conversation with America's brightest conservative thinkers and fellow patriots in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Join Bill Kristol, Fred Barnes, Steve Hayes and Huge Hewitt as we preview the 2014 election season.


AUGUST 14-16: Join the editors of The Weekly Standard for Mid-Term Update. We have, again, secured Charles Krauthammer to speak at our second annual event at the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs, CO. This is an intimate experience to ensure maximum opportunity for personal engagement. Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes will lead an all-star line-up of conservative minds for two days of discussion about the Mid-Term elections and the important issues facing America. To participate in this Weekly Standard event, you must book your event package through this site.


Concerned Veterans for America: Nearly twelve years after the attacks of 9/11, with conventional U.S. wars winding down overseas but threats to security ever-present and emerging, what is the proper balance in America? Congressman Peter King and John Stossel joined Bill Kristol in New York City to discuss Liberty vs. Security. Watch the video now.